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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 30 - The Year in Review, and the return of Danny!

Shaun, Jon, and the well-dwelling Danny jabber about some new gaming news, and our top games of the year!

We get our first peek at the Dark Tower TV series, Telltale's Batman game is getting great reviews, we discuss our different Patronus (Patroni?) and why Danny got Toothpaste, while we got birds and aquatic critters. Also, Ubisoft is trying to make The Division relevant again, and Destiny's Rise of Iron isn't as great as it was cracked up to be.

Games of the Year! The national gaming event that oddly takes place before businesses Quarter 4 even begins! The guys have a full bevvy of categories to tackle, in-depth opinions, and analysis! Will the guys agree on any game at all? What game will take Game of the Year? Take a listen and find out.

Episode 29 - Mass Effect's VO call, South Park delay, Steam controversies, and guest Vanessa adds 90% entendres!

Shaun, Jon and guest host Vanessa tackle a bevy of new gaming and cool media news.


Lots of big changes this week on the PC side with Steam completely changing how their ratings are calculated.  Digital Homicide throws a tantrum after Steam ban and moves into legal actions.  Otherwise Nioh gets a firm release date while South Park: The Fractured But Whole gets pushed back.  We get a bit more out of the Resident Evil 7 demo with some additional content that was just patched in giving us a further glimpse of what we are dealing with. 


Squanchtendo and Crows Crows Crows prove that lying is effective for forging solid business partnerships.  Panzermadels: The Tank Dating Simulator  stimulates Jon in all the right ways, plus tanks can 100% jump.  While Bioshock Remastered is apparently not so remastered


Lastly we do a deep dive into Thea: The Awakening; a game that none of us had heard about but Jon and Shaun have definitely put hours into since it's discovery.  And of course some new IN THE WANGS with Earthlock and Osiris: New Dawn, so check it out!!

Episode 28: Mass Effect 4, PS4 Pro, The House Abandon, and guest host Sean!


Shaun, Jonathan, and guest host Sean banter their way through this week's gaming news, and their current games they're playing through!

This week they discuss the new 4k footage from Mass Effect Andromeda, announcement of the PS4 Pro and Slim, Bethesda abandoning mod support for Skyrim/Fallout 4 due to Sony's restrictions (and Microsoft being passive-aggressive), glean some new features from Mafia 3 articles, Mos Eisley's recreation by Obsidian's Jason Lewis and team (for free download), why Red Alert 2 still holds up today, and an interesting review of No Man's Sky.

Some games discussed include NBA2k17 and Shaun's terrifying facial recognition charaters, Lords of the Fallen, Call of Duty / Battlefield, LISA, and the free stuff: Y2K demo, The Fall of Lazarus alpha demo, The House Abandon, and the static speaks my name. Check em out!

Episode 27: Valley, Battlefield 1 demo, your Questions, and the power of the Zloty!


Tons of things happened this week, including CD Projekt Red being valued at $1 billion dollars, revamped career mode for NBA 2k17,  our thoughts on the Battlefield 1 demo, THQ Nordic's free update for the legendary game Titan's Quest, Stranger Things season 2 announced, and it's associated conspiracy theory origination, Shaun's earliest crush announced, Persona 5's new online component is revealed, Frostpunk - from the creators of This War of Mine - show off their new game with ramped up empathy.


YTK: A Postmodern RPG has a demo out NOW! Check it out, 'cuz the guys will be playing it this week. The guys also discuss new controversy, including how and why false advertising sells, the perils of paid DLC in an early access game (loooking at you, Ark), and why Rockstar's recent GTA V lawsuit wins are important for the gaming industry.

The classic Heavy Rain fail clip returns in all its glory. Alex gushes about Life Is Strange, Shaun channels his inner Shawshank in Prison Architect, and Jon expouses his joy of playing Valley. Wanna be a cat? Check out HK's dev-blog. Then they cap the episode off with questions from the audience!

Episode 26: Deus Ex: Mandkind Divided, Titanfall 2 demo, and Squanchtendo!


Tons of articles for the gang this week, including The Division's hilarious delays, No Man's Sky (incorrect) server data wipes, Myst's spiritual successor Obduction, and their return to classic "puzzle" games. Beautiful baeleric ballerinas bounce by the game Bound, Rick & Morty's co-creator and Epic Games form a new AAA VR studio, Squanchtendo! And a new Metal Gear: Survive peek, which is basically Metal Gear zombies. We're not sure what to think about that. 


Jon's all over Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and it's fantastic game and visual design. He also teases about Skyrim's latest and greatest free mod, Enderal, promissing a darker story, revamped mechanics, intriguing character advancement, and 30-100 hours of new content. 

Alex gets deep in the merits of Bloodborne, Dark Souls, the epic samurai game Nioh demo, and Dark Souls 3 DLC, Ashes of Ariandel! Shaun unearths hype for Total War: Warhammer's new DLC, the Grim and the Grave! And together they jabber about the finer points of futuristic murder in the multiplayer demo of Titanfall 2: Electric Boogaloo!




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