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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


Episode 10: Game of Thrones, Overwatch, Hyperlight Drifter & Battlefield 1


In this episode, we dish up on Game of Thrones lore and wild speculation in regard to who farted when Zombie Mountain walked in (seriously, it happened). We also touch on the magnificent beauty of the Battlefield 1 trailer, the drudgery of the Call of Duty: Infinity War trailer, and the flirtatious mixed signals that we're getting from Overwatch. Hyperlight Drifter is discussed at length, include the impressive physics of falling birds. 


And all the normal hip-hoppery and tom-foolery that we get into weekly. Subscribe on iTunes! Leave a review! The future of Merica depends on it!


Episode 9: Dark Souls, Final Fantasy XV, and the Indomitable Harry Carey

In a truly inspirational episode 9, former Cubs announcer Harry Carey sits in for Danny, who mysteriously exploded. But the boys get the job done, detailing the hilarity that is Dark Souls 3 takedowns, and the relative ease with which a one-armed four-year-old could beat this game (compared to DS2).


And have you seen Final Fantasy XV? So pretty. Play the demo.


Also discussed are the games Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity, the spiritual successor to the old Baldur's Gate franchise, And holy shit, when is Numenera coming out on PC? We kickstarted that game like 15 years ago, when it was done by sending a check through the mail.


Code 8 is an awesome short movie, which we would have supported through Indiegogo had we known about it a month ago.


And this week's In The Wangs is particualrly wangy, as Jon and Shaun tackle the games Crowfall, and Warhammer: Total War (which brings back fond memories of PS1 Shadow of the Horned Rat - 14-year-old Shaun rejoices!)



Episode 8: Bullshit Extravaganza Vol. 1!

Episode 8 is a rando-short-isode, since Danny is recovering from a terrific case of bronchitis. But fear not! In this somber and reverant episode we tackle the weighty topics of sending letters to the parents of children you eat, as well as what happens when a room full of service members in a war zone are confronted with gratutitous male crotch-to-face action.


Also, if Red Ain't Dead has their way, we'll all be in ginger camps in 100 years, having our hair forcibly dyed. Additional topics include:





Episode 7: WW1, UFC2, Star Wars 3.5, Playstation 4.5, & 10 Minutes to Live.

In episode 7, Shaun and Jon extoll the virtues of UFC 2, with its training regimen and charachter creator, as well as its hilarious ragdoll glitches. But does it have anything on Tecmo World Wrestling? Time will tell. Helen Mirren is a monster fighter, though. 


We also discuss the not-yet-remastered Valkyria Chronicles in depth, in mechanics and metastory. Thusly did we rabbit-hole through several wartime games, such as This War of Mine, and Valiant Hearts, which Danny stumbled into after getting into Dan Carlin's Hardcore History on WW1. Highly recommended if you love some history podcast action. You'd also be a damn fool not to listen to RadioLab from WNYC - we talk about the Black Box episode (not the Brown Box episode).


Additionally, we dip into a couple short indie titles from game james, including TIMEframe and Barb. Check them out, they're short and sweet. We also get into South Park: Stick of Truth, and Homestar Runner. 


If you like South African techno rap, you'll probably like Die Antwoord, but this may or may not have any bearing on whether or not you like Chappie. But darn it if you won't like Star Wars: Rogue One. Shout out to listener Zach for insisting we talk about the trailer.  


Cool beans beans, cool beans!


Episode 6: Ethan Carter, Chrono Trigger, Deus Ex, and Talking English is hard.

In episode 6, we talk about the visually stunning game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which has amazingly rendered pine needles, among everything else. If you want to pick up this stunning puzzler, check out the companion comic at the dev site, too.


Also in this episode, catch the debut of our new segment, "2 Guys Who Have Played Chrono Trigger Explain to Danny What Chrono Trigger Is, and Why People Like It". The two guys in this instance are Shaun and Jon. Speaking of Shaun, he can't speak English good, but we're very patient with him as he learns. He also shares with us some super neat facts about the Edleweiss flower! Thanks buddy, you're doing so great!

Jon also dives into the ways in which the original Deus Ex game ruined the film Blade Runner for him, and we eagerly anticipate Mankind Divided. In The Wangs, our segment on upcoming or unplayed-in-our-library games that we wanna jump into, features Abzu from That Game Company/Giant squid, as well as the the epic watercolor war experience that is Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. And, we round out The Wangs with The Flame in the Flood, the soundtrack of which has us all a-twitter.


We also bring back a trailer feature, discussing the upcoming cinematic masterpiece that is Sausage Party. And, as if all this wasn't enough, Jon demonstrates a healthy Yanni obsession, and Shaun brings back the  Seth Rogen laugh for a much appreciated encore.

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