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Episode 5: Kholat, Wondercon, and Sean Bean Dies in Everything!

Episode 5 delves into why Sean Bean seems to be perennially type-cast into roles in which he dies. But before dying, Sean Bean narrated a game called Kholat, the best parts of which are the screen shots that Jon took while playing the game. Based on the Dyaltov Pass Incident, the game takes liberties beyond even the arguably excellent Devil's Pass movie based on the same event. Spaceship adjacent.


Also, Danny went to Wondercon and couldn't turn around without running into a Harley Quin. But Capcom was there plugging Street Fighter and Resident Evil, as was Nintendo, and the venerable 405th Halo Cosplayers.


We also briefly lament the rumored/confirmed release of the Playstation 4.5 and Jon begs for someone to fix his PS3, because apprently it's 2007. The Division once again rears its grindy-at-high-levels head - but good news, we found April Kelleher!


Our In The Wangs feature included discussions of UFC 2 (because, again, Shaun is a terrible person), Salt & Sanctuary, (even though the character design is derptown) and I Am Setsuna (which deftly gives props to Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy X). And damned if we don't talk about f**king Far Cry Primal again, and the baffling review of that remarkable game in Game Informer. Also, who gets Game Informer magazine anymore? Shaun, that's who.

Episode 4: Until Dawn, No Man's Sky, Civil War & Danny Kickstarts a Sticker!

In episode 4, we list all the most common white girl names, all of which are used in the horror/survival/high-school-simulator Until Dawn. And Hayden Penetierre, if you're reading this, we're sorry for not knowing how to pronounce your last name. We also talk at length about the merits of QTE's done right, like in Heavy Rain, not to be confused with Hard Rain. The Witcher 2 had a dumb QTE that left Shaun a broken soul to this day.


Also, stop pre-ordering games, Chadd! But if you have to, I guess No Man's Sky is acceptable. Also acceptable is pre-ordering games through Kickstarter, except in the case of GreedMonger. Stick to the likes of Numanera. But when all else fails, Kickstart a sticker


Our new feature, In The Wangs, goes over things we're eager to get into, including Black Desert Online, Tacoma, and Dark Souls 3, which, if it's anything like DS1 & 2, is chock full of fuck yous


Also: Captain America: Civil War, and, as always, Matthew Lillard!

Episode 3: The Division! and some other things too.

A small, largely unknown game called Tom Clancy's The Division came out a couple weeks ago to some surprising fanfare. This feel-good romp through the streets of plague-ravaged Manhattan is discussed at length, including the epic-ness of the companion novel, and the lead-up marketing, including the Agent Origins Series of videos.


We also discuss similarities between The Division and its direct prequel, Destiny (as alluded to in Penny Arcade the other day), and the ways in which Peter Stormare can do wrong (spoiler: he cannot).


Shaun learns how funtastic a portmanteau can be, and we once again discuss the merits of Far Cry Primal - only this time we're not berating a vengeful god who would allow this game to be made, but rather extolling the pleasures of a well crafted club.



Episode 2: Stardew Valley, Undertale, Rhianna Pratchett's Lara Croft, and Meth Goggles!

Our second episode is the spiritual successor to the first episode, very much like Stardew Valley is the spiritual successor to Harvest Moon 2: The Reckoning, about which we talk at length. Also, turnips!


We also talked about Undertale, a new skeleton dating simulator slash bovine training platform taking Shaun's friends by storm. Shout-out to local band former friend for being a band and being local. 


An additional shout-out to Himiko, Japanese goddess of storms, during our discussion of Rhianna Pratchett's treatment of the Tomb Raider series, developing emotionally realistic game characters, and why you may or may not be upset immediately following shooting someone in the face. 


In other news, Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain was nominated for a BAFTA game award in innovation, for allowing you to extract wildlife via balloon. Other BAFTA noms discussed include Her Story, Until Dawn, Splatoon, and Everyone's Gone to the Rapture.  

Episode 1: Firewatch, Soma, Batman-vision and Kurt Russell movies

Our first episode was produced in the dark of night, during a time when a great surge of waiting-for-The-Division-to-come-out swept across the land.


This week we discussed the acclaimed flirty voice-acting and semi-disappointing lack of spooky crap in Firewatch.


We also talked about Jon's need for as many things as possible to have tentacles coming out of their faces, especially in the case of the debatably spooky Soma.


The trailer feature was a heated discussion about ol' what's-her-face, and the other chick from SNL in the trailer for the "new" Ghostbusters movie - and, for that matter, what makes a reboot a reboot. Also, here's that fan re-cut we mentioned which is monumentally better.


If you've been lying awake at night, next to your significant other, thinking about your life choices and wondering what "Batman vision" is, then wonder no more! Jon details the otherworldy ability, and how it has no place in the arguably smelly world of Far Cry: Primal.


Also: Kurt Russell movies, including the indomitable "SOLDIER".

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