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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 75 - Game of Thrones, Starfinder, and where is Move Speed?!

Shaun and Jonathan emerge from their week of hibernation!

While Shaun was in Nevada, Jon played through Conarium, and bits of Observer and Nier Automata! Join the dudes as they talk about Starfinder rules, where to find starting currency and move speed, and the intricacies of Game of Thrones that you didn't know they didn't know!

Be dazzled by outlandish theories, questionable writing decisions, and strange character designs, and Dany/Jon family portraits

Welcome to the stars!

Episode 74 - Portland, Mario Kart 8, and Vacations!

Shaun and Jonathan host a sleepytime voice contest!

The dudes were at a Bachelor party in Portland, Oregon all weekend, so expect a short episode this week! Plus, a bunch of fun and interesting titles coming up, including Conarium, Observer, Neir, Hellblade, and the hardback Starfinder book!

Protodome Chrono Trigger track! And Dunkey's "Critics" video! 

Welcome to Snoozeland!

Episode 72 - Fortnite, Doomfist, and Geography of Thrones!

Shaun and Jonathan melt into their chairs from monsoon weather!

This week the duders jabber about the spicy new game Fortnite, the inclusion of Doomfist into Overwatch's meta, the complexities of Game of Thrones geography, maps, and travel time, Mr. Robot's delightful countenance, Unsung Story's sudden departure from their successful Kickstarter campaign, The Witcher's coloring book, SNES Classic Walmart drama plus pre-orders at end of the August, Stardew Valley's multiplayer (2018), Shaun's fascination with House of Leaves, and Tacoma's launch on 08/02/17!

Welcome to Runon-sentence-ville!

Episode 71 - Bladerunner 2049, The Surge, and ComicCon!

Shaun and Jonathan settle in for a lengthy talk about all things awesome!

Today's extra-long episode delves into ComicCon, Jon's cosplay, Bladerunner 2049 and their exhibit, American Horror Story, Hearthstone's Ice Cream Citadel, Final Fantasy Dissidia, new trailers from Ready Player One, The Shape of Water, Will Smith's Netflix show BRIGHT, Game of Thrones, The Surge, Oxygen Not Included, Final Fantasy TCG, Three Cheers for the Master card game, plus tangents!

Welcome to San Diego (with or without Carmen)!

Episode 73 - Tacoma, The Dark Tower, and the beauty of Dunkirk!

Shaun and Jonathan host a nice fireside chat with their new bud Jeffrey!

It's that time again folks, where the dudes gab about some strange goings on around these here parts. Prepare thine selves for the gun-slinging escapades of Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) in The Dark Tower, some space opera drama in the new Fullbright walking sim Tacoma, Jon's undying love of the film Dunkirk and Hans Zimmer!

Plus some weekly Game of Thrones spoilers, a handful of curiously low reviews of Fortnite from PCGamer and arsTechnica, and the announcement video of the sequel to one of Jon's favorite games of last year; Orwell: Ignorance is Strength.

Welcome to Flavortown!

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