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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


Episode 15: Sea of Thieves, We Happy Few, Death Stranding & E3 Coverage

The gang minus Danny discusses some opening E3 coverage, including all of Jon's favorites: Sea of Thieves, We Happy Few, Detroit: Becoming Human, Death Stranding, and the highly anticipated (and gloriously titled) South Park: Fractured But Whole. Also, a long-awaited reunion of the Skeleton Union, who may or may not be longshoremen. 

Additionally, Shaun and Jon get giddy over Playstation's new Virtual Reality system (which Jon is forced to purchase, along with PS 4.5,) and the Microsoft news about Project Scorpio! The mid-next-gen systems await!

Episode 14: Civ 6, Oxenfree, Legion on FX, and Cuddling With Jon is Weird!

Episode 14 is here for your consumption and ultimate approval! We discuss a fair share of items in the news, including the Payday 2 acquisition by Starbreeze, the release of potentially wack-a-doo mod support for Fallout 4, the inevitable delay of the release of No Man's Sky and the ensuing death threats, and the gulf of time and space since any of us have played Half Life 2, Episode 2. Episode 3 coming soon! Also, Legion is coming to FX, helmed by the showrunner of the recent, excellent reboot of Fargo.


In our games segment, we discuss the mechanically bouyant but aesthetically questionable Civilization VI, as well as the indie gem Oxenfree, which is now available on console as well as steam. Jon also talks about his current jam, the spooky-as-ghost-shit game "The Cat Lady".

In our triumphant return to the Waaaaaangs, Shaun discusses "Absolver", Danny is eager to get into both "Home" and the upcoming "Alone With You" both from Benjamin Rivers, and Jon exposes us to potentially the worst voice-over in game trailer history, while still manging to remain excited about Mighty No. 9.  Lastly, imagine cuddling a giant robot spider.

Other things!

Episode 13: More Uncharted,  Stanley Parable, & The Stepdad of Dragons!

Welcome to the big one-three! Episode 13 starts with two of us, as Jon gets stuck in traffic on the way to recording. But we make headway into the new Uncharted 4 - which Shaun has finally jumped into.

Danny goes gaga for The Stanley Parable, which took him on a journey into the realistic depths of his own insignifigance. He strongly recommends you play it as well as The Beginner's Guide, by the same development team. 


We also delve a bit more into Jon and Shaun's experiences in Total War: Warhammer. And finally, as it's GoT season, we can't skip an episode of discussing the newest Game of Thrones, featuring Fireballs McGillicutty, star of Danny's GoT fan-fic, "Fucked Beyond the Flames". Coming soon.

Episode 12: Doom, Stellaris, Total Warhams, and Kuato has a Hairpiece

Episode 12 delves into some soul-searching and deeply moving discussion as to whether or not Kuato's receeding hairline in Total Recall is the result of friction, or normal mutant-pattern baldness. Semi-related (in that it takes place on Mars, we talk about DOOM, the apparent problems with PC audio, and some other differences of opinion. Also, DOOT!

We also bounce around some other Bethesda favorites, in particular the Dishonored franchise, and the problems with pointless player-character morality systemsJon and Shaun are still plowing away at Stellaris, building empires, launching wars, enslaving vassels. You know, the usual.

And, of course, if you're reading this it means Total War: Warhammer War Total War War has already been released, and we'll be giving that game the real business, Oxford rules, in our next episode. Thanks for listening!

Episode 11: Uncharted 4, Stellaris, To The Moon and Danerys Nudes!

Danny's gonna level with you: Danny loves Uncharted 4. The final offering of Naughty Dog's seminal Uncharted series featuring the swarthy adventureface, Nathan Drake, is discussed at length, including persistent beard stubble, and the most ridiculous interactive cut scenes in video games like ever.

We talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and the return of Danerys' super move, not to mention the fact that FINALLY two Stark children have encountered each other since that fateful day they all left Winterfell. Also, Jon very closely and meticulously inspects screenshots of the mother of dragons for evidence of photoshopping.

We talk a bit about an old-school 16-bit adventure game, To The Moon, with a rich story and engaging music. And Jon and Shaun geek out over a little-known and now really well-known game on Steam called Stellaris, which is racking up downloads and plays, and gets a little redonk as to the world-building, player options and procedural development.

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