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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 135 - Death Stranding, Untitled Goose Game, and magical Supply Chain!

They're here, they're tired, and they're talkin' about Supply Chain somethingorother! Death Stranding! Gooses! Disco! Phoenix Point! DAYUM!

Welcome to Die-Hardman-ville!

disco elysium.jpg

Episode 134 - Outer Worlds, Disco Elysium, and CoD Modern Warfare!

The guys are back, and they're ready for trying to figure out the difference of The Outer Worlds and The Outer Wilds! Prepare for dives into spectacularist Outer Worlds, the incrediblest Disco Elysium, the shootiest Modern Warfare! Plus talk of the new Joker film, The Laundromat on Netflix, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, and some sweet sweet gaming news!

Welcome to Tangenttown!


Episode 133 - Tropico 6, Synthwave Warcry, and Rebel Cops!

Jon's only dying a little bit this week! Hear the glory of Synthwaved Thousand Sons, a first look at Warcry, MLB The Show 19, Tropico 6, Fortnite's The End event, Rebel Cops, Killing Time at Lightspeed, and pneumonia!

Plus coughing!

Welcome to the sickbay!


Episode 132 - Blasphemous, Solasta, and Borderlands 3!

A special Sunday-recording edition of TLOT, complete with Jon's take on Blasphemous, Shaun's glimpse into Borderlands 3, and the duo's opinions on Solasta: Crown of the Magister demo!

Plus tons of extra news, game releases, and unspoiled GOOD STUFF!

Welcome to MetroidRPGvaniaverse!


Episode 131 - GhostRecon Breakpoint, Nintendo Direct, and Final Fantasy 8!

Locate your earholes, and plug them directly into this podcast! Get your impressions on Breakpoint, the latest Nintedo Direct, and FF 8 remaster feels!

Plus tons of extra news, game releases, and unspoiled GOOD STUFF!

Welcome to your Breakpoint!

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