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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 90 - Edith Finch, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Dagger-Build Dark Souls!

Shaun and Jon interrupt a busy work week to talk about 'dem games!!

Be regaled by tales of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and its perceived difficulty, a wonderful discussion on game development by Ana Hennig and Sean Vanaman, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds desert map and vault mechanics, the Warrior path in Octopath Traveler demo, Gorogoa, Theme Hospital / Two Point Hospital's 20+ year revival, and Jon's wonderful experiences with What Remains of Edith Finch!

Welcome to Jordan's Windy City!

Episode 89 - Pyre, Octopath Traveler, and 7th Saga Nostolgia!

Shaun and Jon brave the rain and broken bridges to record today's episode!

This time around, the dudes discuss shanty towns, distillery tactics, Bright, Black Mirror's new season, Fallout 4 Mods, the wonders of Pyre, the unique RPG aspects of Octopath Traveler Demo, the creepy Uncanny Valley, and a splash of Tomb Kings for Total Warhammer 2!

Welcome to rainy California!

Episode 87 - Our Awards, The Game Awards, and half-ghost mermaids!

Shaun and Jon give the highs and lows of The Game Awards!

On this episode, the dudes argue about game category semantics. AND THAT'S IT! Games only! From Software's new teaser, Sea of Thieves release date, THQ Nordic's Fade to Silence, Bayonetta 3, Death Stranding, Witchfire, A Way Out, Dreams, GTFO, Overkill's The Walking Dead, Metro Exodus!

Welcome to arbitrary categories!

Episode 86 - Breath of the Wild, Rainbow 6 Siege Mythology, Destiny 2, and Bad Puns!

Shaun and Jon do the ol' fiddle spindler!

On this episode of Dragon Ball Z, the guys tangent-out on a whole slew of games ancient, current, and future! Plus tons of new trailers, announcements, the upcoming Game Awards, and much much more!

Welcome to the Void Strength Dojo!

Episode 88 - Star Wars The Last Jedi Discussion, Warhams 2, and Space Wizards!

Shaun and Jon return from the winter break to discuss... things!

On this episode, the dudes lean into a 40-hour Total Warhammer 2 campaign, Star Wars The Last Jedi in detail (re: spoilers), and what they did over break. Plus games they're looking forward to this year!

Welcome to Space Wizard Academy!

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