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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 130 - GamesCom, Fire Emblem, Telling Lies, and RoboShaun!

Life as we know it is over, as the robots have assimilated Shaun for their diabolical ends!

Court is in session! The robots discuss the finer points of games played last time around (Planetfall, Rimworld, Fire Emblem Three Houses,) tons of news and trailers from Gamescom, new Netflix shows, Starwars trailers, WoW Classic queues, and great things about becoming a robot!

Welcome to Patreon, a second time!


Episode 129 - Pathfinder 2.0, God of War, Rimworld, and Patreon!

The guys are here tons of fresh takes on games, and a very sophisticated intro!

Attend this council meeting, wherein the guys announce a new Patreon,, the first look into Pathfinder 2.0, the wonders of God of War, the heroic Boomalopes of Rimworld, the 4x-goodness of Age of Wonders: Planetfall, plus NEWS, and much more!

Welcome to Patreon, hopefully!


Episode 128 - ComicCon, Carbon 2185, and Rising of the Shield Hero!

The guys are here with oodles of RPG-goodness!!

Hear tale glorious RPGs including Pathfinder 2.0, Carbon 2185, Pathfinder Kingmaker, 5th Ed D&D, and ATOM RPG! Then, bask in the greatness of the new anime, Rising of the Shield Hero, MiniMetro, Collection of Mana, FF14, Dreams, and tons more!

Welcome to tangent-town!

into the breach.jpg

Episode 127 - Eco, Teppen, Into the Breach, and Evangelion!

The guys are back.. with AMERICA!

Listen to tons of new mobile game experiences, with Teppen from Capcom, Achero, Eco, Div 2, Into the Breach, Cadence of Hyrule, and more! Movies and Netflix and news follows! Woo!

Welcome to the Undercooked Escape Room!


Episode 126 - E3, Galaxy's Edge, and Kingdom Hearts 3 with Shaun!

The guys are back.. with a bizarre intro!

Jon recounts his E3 experiences with Cyberpunk 2077 and Watch Dogs Legion, a foray into Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge, news, and Shaun's glorious encounter with Kingdom Hearts 3!

Welcome to the weirdest intro!

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