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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 25: Gamescom 2016 in full swing, and a new host approaches!


Straight from Cologne, Germany, Gamescom 2016 rears its mighty head! And boy do we have a lot to say about it. Not only do we go through the major awards granted this year, but an entire smorgasbord of games. 

Cloud Imperium delivers us an hour long demo of the latest Star Citizen biz, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild blows our mind with all of their videos being in German, For Honor receives questionable glaces and doubt, Rare delivers oodles of Sea of Thieves excitement and dev videos, Little Nightmares takes home Best Indie Game,  we see some Battlefield 1 cavalry chicanery, bevvies of Civ 6 dev info, Shaun gets rock-hard over 40k Deathwing, we finally see gameplay of The Surge, Mount & Blade 2 leaves the gang astounded, more Resident Evil 7 hillbilly monsters, legit Prey footage, Agony (Jon's most underrated preview of Gamescom,) Scorn: H.R. Geiger's wet dream, and lastly, new footage from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


Wow, what a run-on sentence.

Danny, first of his name, has vanished into the void. But in his place, the gang recruits the morally questionable Alex, and his fresh mind and voice. Enjoy!

Episode 24: No Man's Sky, Starbound, Ahnayro, FF15 delay, and Solo Recordings are Hard


In their first solo series recording sessions (does that even make sense??) Shaun and Jonathan elegantly blunder their way through talking to themselves about No Man's Sky curious and existential reviews, Starbound, Final Fantasy 15's delay, The Black Watchmen (go play the demo now), Ahnayro: The Dream World, and other fun odds and ends, including horror, and how to use it in games and film!


And take a few points of sanity damage from The Shattering, and Little Nightmares. Then to sooth your troubled mind, watch The Little Prince on Netflix, it is fantastic! Enjoy the show!

Episode 23: Suicide Squad, Killing Joke, Abzu, and Technical Difficulties!


Danny blows up his laptop, plus the gang discusses the new Suicide Squad movie, and how it ties into the larger unfolding DC universe. The new animated rendition of the classic Batman graphic novel The Killing Joke stays true to the original, and No Man's Sky came out yesterday... or is it tomorrow?​ Stay tuned for that review.

Shaun longs for a day when every character in GTA 5 looks like a creepy lipstick clown, and pines for the love of SovietWomble and his video series. Jon gets lost in Abzu and Abzu lore, and briefly delves into Babylonian mythology. It is pure, unadulterated, beauty! (Guess who wrote that?)

Civ 6 reveals Pedro II of Brazil, in honor of the Olympic games!


This weeks' "In the Wangs" arrives: Danny prepares to dive (haha) into Abzu, Shaun marvels at the ingenuity and mechanical innovation of Dub Wars, and Jon is hooked by the promise of a new Chivarly-style, but much grander in scope, Of Kings and Men!

Stay tuned for next week. Who knows what will be on the docket?!

Episode 22: Adr1ft, I am Setsuna, Elder Scrolls Legends, and the Best of Phil Collins


The gang talks about a disappointing Adr1ft, and wonders aloud why the 1 is in the t1tle. Also, a couple demos in the PS store get a resounding "meh" from Shaun, and Jon talks about his super positive experiences in Elder Scrolls Legends and I Am Sestuna.

Plus we've got some news items, including the "presold dev copy" of No Man's Sky, and the good and bad consequences of action. Preorders. Abzu. Danny makes a jingle intro! Human turtles.. Dana Carvey.. and the first game Danny hates!

Waiting in the wangs, we've got Telltale's upcoming treatment of Batman, a single-dev game called Lost Soul Aside, and the ultra-realistic Escape From Tarkov.

Episode 21: ComicCon Trailers Galore and Stranger Things is the best! or Sewer Pickle Means Poop


The gang, minus Danny (who may or may not still be at BronieCon), tease about I Am Setsuna, and go spoiler-free deep in Stranger Things on Netflix. Also, so many trailers, trailers everywhere! Jon ran around ComicCon last weekend, where trailers, and panels, are ridiculous and plentiful. And go read the best INSIDE review we've seen yet!

Prepare yourself for Justice League, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Legion, Kong, King Arthur, Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them, Dr. Strange! But wait, there's more! Yours truly visited the Rick and Morty, Samurai Jack, Bob's Burgers, and Archer panels, and was blown away by overall awesomeness.

We discuss a few games, including A Date in the Park, Song of the Deep, and The Surge. AND articles about the Chrono Trigger director wanting a high-end remake, Hospitals using Pokemon GO for physical therapy, and the twenty year grind for Pokemon GO's creator to make it an "overnight" success.

Lastly, the NDA was dropped today (!) for Elder Scrolls: Legends card game! Come watch Jon stream it on our twitch channel,

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