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Episode 95 - Pathfinder 2.0, RiME, and Figged Investments!

Shaun and Jon return from the land of dice and miniatures!

Pathfinder 2nd Edition previewed by Paizo with design features, SEED Project PICA PICA by Microsoft and NVidia, Octopath Traveler release date revealed, the wonderful audio/visual masterpiece of RiME (with orchestral OST by David Garcia Diaz), more Monster Hunter World and Vermintide 2 chatter, new escape room, Sea of Thieves beta experience, God of War first 3 hours, Far Cry 5 still doesn't have reviews, and Ni No Kuni 2 with glowing reviews!

Plus Shaun has issues with a peanut butter pretzel!

Welcome to the Figgening!

Episode 94 - Black Panther, Monster Hunter World, and Escape Room terror!

Shaun and Jon return from deep in the abyss of Ry'leh!

Much in the way of news and games, with the guys' experiences in Monster Hunter World, a spoiler-free glance at Black Panther, Warhammer Vermintide 2, Stellaris' new Apocalypse expansion, Prey hinting at DLC content, discussions of John Wick 2 and the underlying theme of undercurrents in modern society, Rainbow 6 PvE content announced,  Metal Gear Survive at a glance, State of Decay 2, and other innervating topics!

Plus Jon spins a terrifying tale of a horror-themed Escape Room!

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse(tm) by Uncle Bob!

Episode 93 - Kingdom Come Deliverance, Twilight Imperium, and Nostalgia Bombs!

Shaun and Jon have survived the 12-hour board game day!

Twilight Imperium 4th edition, combined with the day-after-holiday-workday, has turned the guys' brains to mush! Today is a grand day for Cyberpunk discussion, Bladerunner 2049, final discussion of Altered Carbon, Netflix's Everything Sucks!, Metal Gear Survive, PUBG, H1Z1, Fortnite,  Sonic's new movie, and a ton of other tangents of WONDER!

Plus Jon extols his wonderful experiences thus far with Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Shaun regales us with TOOMB KANGS of Total Warhams 2!

Welcome to the Nostalgia Bomb!

Episode 92 - Altered Carbon, The Red Strings Club, SpaceX, and Monster Hunter World!

Shaun and Jon are back, FOR GLORY!

Get ready for impromptu Cyberpunk Week, with homages to both Bladerunner films, while discussion Netflix's new show Altered Carbon, and the fantastic new game The Red Strings Club! 

Plus today's SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, Monster Hunter Worlds, Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, and something about PVA glue!

Welcome to the Palico Meat Dish!

Episode 91 - Final Fantasy Orchestra, Deceit, and Suplexing Ghost Trains!

Shaun and Jon prepare for a week of intrigue!

Get ready to suplex a ghost train with discussion of World Wide Wrestling RPG,  Final Fantasy's Distant World orchestra in Los Angeles, Final Fantasy 3, Final Fantasy 15, music, SNES Classic, Blackwood Crossing, and a wonderful F2P first-person survival horror titled Deceit! 


Plus news of a $1 million dollar EVE Online battle, Beat Saber's light saber style VR Rock Band, Blizzard World, Total Warhammer 2's Tomb Kings release, Subnautica is finally out of Early Access, Mount & Blade Warband, /Bannerlord / Fire & Steel, Netflix's Manhunt Unabomber show, a surprise sequel to the best LAN game of all time, RUNE, with RUNE: Ragnarok!

Welcome to Tomb Kingville!

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