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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 100 - Detroit Become Human, Deadpool 2, Tangents, and the Return of Danny!

The centennial episode, and oh my god is there so much stuff. Hear about the do's and dont's of B-Stuff, and Danny's new band name!

This week features special return-guest, Danny! Open your ears for a full scale tangent-fest in which you'll hear some of the latest gaming news, plus Deadpool 2, Bethesda's new twitter tease, first look at World War 3, and much more!

Welcome to the 100th episode! WOO!

Episode 99 - Infinity War, God of War, Pillars of Eternity 2, Persona 5, and Ready Player One!

Another gloriously long episode!

This week the guys touch on a ton of non-game topics, including Avenges Infinity War, Ready Player One, the new Westworld, internet hype around Brooklyn 99 and The Expanse (plus a wonderful fan-made trailer),  Aggretsuko and her Den of Rage, Batman Ninja, Twilight Samurai, etc!

Plus... GAMES! Take a nice dive into the new God of War, City of Brass (by a few Bioshock Infinite devs), the wonders of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, Jon's first look into Persona 5, after-completion opinions of Final Fantasy 15, and the ever-fun Doki Doki Literature Club!

Welcome to the long-isode pt 2!

Episode 98 - First Phoenix Point Build, Detroit Become Human, and Lost in Space!

Jon rejoins the party for this gloriously long episode!

Get ready for the first look into Phoenix Point's first playable build, Detroit Become Human's recently released demo, Far Cry 5 exaltations, a 'new Syndicate' Satellite Reigns, Final Fantasy 15, and more games!

Plus extra media discussion about one of Jon's recent favorite movies, Mother!, A Quiet Place, season two of Westworld, Netflix's Lost in Space reboot, and Atlanta Georgia!

Welcome to the long-isode!

Episode 97 - Shaun Solo, UFC 3, and God of War Hype!

Shaun stands alone, just like the cheese!

Get on the Shaun-train and hear the adulation of UFC 3, Far Cry 5, new God of War reviews (sans-spoilers!), y mucho mas!

Jon is on vacation, or in a well, but will be back next week!

Welcome to Shaun's Solo, he's Shaun Solo!

Episode 96 - Far Cry 5, Super Heroes, and Book of Mormon is the Best!

Shaun and Jon are back from the depths of Montana!

Get those bananas out of your ears! Listen to Shaun's bass-filled vocal cords discuss Marvel and DC super heroes, curious bits of news from the Pathfinder Kingmaker team, and his wonderful first impressions of Far Cry 5!

Plus Jon touches on the finale of RiME, the Switch's Fire Emblem Warriors and Kirby's Star Allies, Orwell's season 2 'Ignorance is Strength' highs and lows, a new dive into Subnautica, Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, and the Book of Mormon musical!

Welcome to the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream!

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