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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 125 - Death Stranding, Super Hot VR, and life after Thrones!

The guys are back with a Scruff McGruff themed birthday party for Shaun!

Prepare for harassment training, the golden rule, Game of Thrones finale, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Super Hot VR, Druidstone, Netflix's Historical Roasts, Kojima, Death Stranding, Baldurs Gate 3 teaser, Larian Studios, Divinity Original Sin 2, all the old school RPG ports, Journeys in Middle Earth board game, Seven Wonders: Duel, and a whole lot more!

Welcome to the birthday episode!


Episode 124 - Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy Ardyn DLC, and Total Hams 2!

The guys are back, sans audio issues, but with colds!

Prepare for Fate Zero, Code Geass, The Surge, Sekiro, Mordhau, Total Warhammer 2 Lizards and Rats DLC, Final Fantasy 15 DLC Ardyn, The Division 2, and some spoilery Game of Thrones for episodes 4 and 5 at the end!

Plus, The Midnight is one of the best bands of all time! 

Welcome to the inner demons!

Episode 123 - Avengers Endgame, Game of Thrones, and Special Guest Ates!

The guys are back, plus one, but with slight audio issues!

Prepare for a spoiler-ridden episode of Endgame discussion, and GoT breakdowns!

Welcome to the hollow-zone!


Episode 122 - Game of Thrones, Pathway, and tons of Star Wars news!

The guys are back from a much better week!

Game of Thrones has returned! Prepare for a quick-ish synopsis and Jon's predictions. Plus, further looks into Division 2, Sekiro, FF14, Pathway, Satisfactory, and a whole metric heap-ton-bunch of Star Wars news, including the devilishly fantastic Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian!

Welcome to pure Mandalorian excitement!


Episode 121 - Sekiro, My Warmaster, and Division 2!

The guys are back from a rough week/weekend!

Come listen to discussion of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a wonderful Warhammer 40k Dating Sim called My Warmaster, which you can download here for free! Also regale in talks of Stellaris (again), Division 2 early impressions, Final Fantasy 14, and Epic's game store.

Welcome to depressing intro town!

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