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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


Episode 20: NBA 2K16, Pokemon Go, and the Baffling Physics of Canadian Strippers!


The fellas jam hard on the tough upbringing of an NBA rookie from Brooklyn - the unstoppable cutscenes, the load times, the angry trainer tropes... Also, Stranger Things is cool to watch, Necropolis is not cool to play. Canadian strippers have some weird traditions going on, and Pokemon Go is sending Japanese kids to McDonalds, and military bases. Thanks, Obama!

Also discussed the horrors of Kanye West, Shaq's honorable investment strategies with cereal, and our announcement of our new Channel!

Episode 19: Pokemon GO and the Downfall of Society!


The gang discusses the far-reaching implications of Pokemon GO on American consumerism, interpersonal relations and traffic patterns. Jon goes down a mental rabbit hole of how GO is the beginning of a new era of gaming. Also discussed: INSIDE, Necropolis, Black Mirror (one of the best shows of all time,) and Mr. Robot, plus Spec Ops: The Line analysis pt1 and pt2!


Episode 18: Flame in the Flood, ARGs, Unravel, and Shaun Buys a Controlling Share of Flappy Bird 3.


This week the gang talks about why people don't use Kickstarter for video games anymore, Lumbermancer, the rise of Fig and it's most exciting game Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch!

Then ARGs return in grand style, and the guys elaborate on their gaming plans post Steam Summer Sale, including The Flame in the Flood (plus a full review,) Unravel, more Hard West, the emo nature of This War of Mine, the huge strategic remake of Chaos Reborn, and the fascinating Age of Wonders 3! And plenty more cued up for next week...


Danny would like you to write something off of your paragraphs! Listen to discover what that might be...

Episode 17: Glorps and Beats! Plus News, Sound Shapes, Hard West, and Dadquest.


Shaun and Danny discuss gaming news, including Doom PvP, the fact that The Division has lost 93% of PC players, and juicy bits about the latest upcoming DLC for Destiny, “Rise of Iron”.


Monies have been spent on E3 and Steam sales (and what Jon is currently lost in,) netting games like Sound Shapes, Hard West and Punch Club! Be prepared for a slew of games next week!


Also, people watch TV, and we’re people, so we talk about Wayward Pines, The Witch, and full frontal male nudity on GoT. Also, Danny decides on “warrior dentist” as a class for his son, foregoing the oft overlooked "cleric." Dadquest is seeping over...


Watch (listen?) the #$^%'s off of this! 

Episode 16: Zelda's Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil 7, Mount & Blade 2, GoT, and Warcraft!


The gang is still Danny-less, due to Shaun's lack of Necromancy skill. This week they finish up E3 with a nice Zelda: Breath of the Wild surprise, and the Rockstar no-show, then delve into a guest request that led to Jon watching the Warcraft movie, and penultimate Game of Thrones episode of this season! SADNESS!


Shaun and Jon discuss the merits of terrifying VR, ala Resident Evil 7, the wonders of ARGs, the upcoming Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlords, plus articles focusing on Shaun's new (in the) wangs: Mafia 3, and Phoenix Point!

Finally, Jon claws his way back to sanity after diving into the rabbit hole that are Alternate Reality Games (ARGs,) primarily caused by Adult Swim's super crazy nutso creepy infomercial shorts. And the guys sing "Be Aggressive." Best ever.


Whew! That's a lotta stuff. Enjoy!

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