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A podcast about video games, cool media, and....


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Episode 70 - Secret World Legends, Offworld Trading Company, and Game of Thrones!

Shaun and Jonathan are back with many three-word games and shows!

This week the dudes have a chat about the new Spiderman movie, Game of Thrones premiere, Secret World Legends, Offworld Trading Company, The Surge, the indomitable Medieval Times, the Shaun-described-cyber-jazz-punk-metal band Rise Against, plus more!

Special guest appearance by Car Horn, Ice Cream Truck, and Air Conditioner!

Welcome to winter!

Episode 69 - Castlevania, Baby Driver, Kingsglaive, and Holidays!

Shaun and Jonathan have returned after a super busy week off!

​Prepare thine selfs for a myriad of media madness. Enjoy the guys' dulcet tones as they discuss Final Fantasy 15's movie, titled Kingsglaive, the latest Edgar Wright film Baby Driver, Castlevania's animated series, plus loose ends!

Warhammer, Steam sales, Robinson: The Journey, Secret World Legends, Claire, Brothers: Tale of Two Sons, Offworld Trading Company, and bits!

Welcome to the holidays!

Episode 68 - Steam Summer Sale, SNES Classic, and Hearsay!

Shaun and Jonathan are completely absorbed in the Steam Summer Sale!

​Find out what the guys bought so far, what they're expecting from the SNES Classic, hostile takeovers, and some curious articles about guns and Rockstar!


Check out the article for "Guns In Games" and The American Dream. The only Top 30 sold games on Steam without guns are: #9 Football Manager 2017, and #21 Stardew Valley.

Get ready for Conjecture & Opinion Weekly!

Episode 67 - E3 Extravaganza Pt 2!

Shaun and Jonathan jump into MORE things E3 infused, and they take a glance at the recent "Mod" controversies from Bethesda and Rockstar!

Get ready for some additional E3 hype-train, mostly in the genre of Indie titles or small(er) studio games! Listen to TotalBiscuit's commentary on Mods, it is excellent, and is referenced in this episode regularly. Also take a peek at PCGamer's E3 trailer compilation for a quick way to reference many games the guys talk about. 


Get ready for some LoT favorites, including Hunt: Showdown, Unruly Heroes, Last Day of June, Tacoma, Dragon Ball Z Fighter, Battletech, Tunic, Griftlands, Wargroove, and a smidgen of Among the Sleep!

Who needs an intro, I say!

Episode 66 - E3 Extravaganza Pt 1!

Shaun and Jonathan jump into all things E3 related!

Get ready for E3 hype, in many many forms, featuring Anthem, The Last Night, and Beyond Good And Evil 2! This week will focus on the trailers the guys have seen up until Tuesday, plus Jon's adventures at E3 in Los Angeles!

Don't forget to sample your own brand!

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