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Episode 85 - Thor Ragnarok, Punisher, Age of Decadence, and Shaun's Lewds!

Shaun and Jon discuss the holidays!

Today you will hear the magic of Horizon Zero Dawn, the grittiness of Punisher, the greatness of Thor Ragnarok, the curiosity The Void, the old school ISO-RPG Age of Decadence, the beautifully sad Last Day of June, and a horde of tangents!

Welcome to Grabby Possums Anonymous!

Episode 84 - Italy Recap, Hollow Knight, Until Dawn, and Progenitor Redditors!

Shaun returns for a reunited episode, and it feeeeels so goooood!

Today you will hear tales of Shaun's Italian adventure, a brief recap of gaming news, and some things Jon has been up to, including Destiny 2, Hollow Knight, Bound, and Until Dawn!

Welcome to Italia!

Episode 83 - PlayStation Paris Conference Recap!

A solitary Jonathan takes you on a quick journey through Paris Games Week PlayStation show!

Today you will hear tales of some inspiring new titles, some expanded content of known titles, and links to Jon's favorite of the show.

Check out the latest videos for Detroit: Become Human, Ghost of Tsushima, Concrete Genie, Stifled, Blood & Truth, Monster Hunter World, Shadow of the Colossus, Sprint Vector, and Last of Us 2!

Welcome to Paris!

Episode 82 - ICEY, Hollow Knight, and Shaun's Silent Storm!

Shaun and Jonathan are here for your auditory pleasure, before Shaun's brief escape to Italy, and Shaun's desire for Jon to do "some weird solo stuff"!

Today you might enjoy lively banter, tangents galore, tons of games, plus interesting articles about EA's scrapping of single player games, while Wolfenstein 2's narrative designer goes in the opposite direction to prevent "diluting" the storyline. Plus some Steam Link deets.

Check out Replicade's Kickstarter for their mini Centipede arcade cabinet!

Welcome to the Pulse fan club!

Episode 81 - Hellblade, Cuphead, Telltale Batman, and Good Audio!

Shaun and Jonathan are back, in stereo, LIVE AND IN PERSON!

The dudes are here and recording face to face! Prepare yourselves for GOOD AUDIO QUALITY, snappy repartee, words, a bit of recap from last week's poor recording, and some freshly finished games to discuss! Spoiler alert: Jon has found two contenders for Game of the Year.

Open your earslots for Hellblade, Cuphead, Telltale Batman, some Divinity 2, plus tons of tangents and rambling!

Welcome to the high quality sound!

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